It has been a long time I have not use my blog, remembering the time that was normal and cool to have a blog sharing our daily thought or even stories at that time. 

Today as I was inspired by my friends, I got back into a habbit of writting blog again. 

Now I am going to write about my daily life no matter is in Taiwan or the UK. Also sharing my experiences of this magical and historical country- The UK/ Great Britain. 

感覺已經過了無數年我沒有碰過我的部落格, 記得當時擁有部落格是件很正常且新潮的事情. 分享着自己每日的體驗或者是故事.

今天我被朋友感染, 又回到了部落格的世界記錄起我每日發生的事件. 

現在起, 我會記錄我每日的生活, 不管是在台灣或是在英國. 也和大家分享着這個充滿魔法及歷史悠久的國家- 英國. 



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