my lovely teachers in EF Torbay

So well, today Annie saw many people on facebook posting "happy black friday" the friday straight after thanksgiving. However, in the UK it does not seem to be celebrated a lot. What Annie has noticed that most of the people who are posting happy black friday or happy thanksgiving are the ones in Amreica/USA. Since then, Annie did some research on why there is "thanksgiving" on google. Annie found out that it was originally from Amreica in 1941 to thank to god for the good harvest on the agritculture, the 'thanksgiving' is set on the 4th Thursday in November and having a two day holiday. Canada brought in the 'thanksgiving' celebration in 1978, however they celebrate in October, the 2nd Monday of October.(American Columbus Day) 

There are going to have big sales in every shops in the US that celebrating black friday, if you are in US you might find out that it is really crazy in the shops?! ( Annie has seen her friends posting pictures of shopping like insane) 

Since that, Annie would like to say thank you to all of your supports to my fans page ( ) and also thanks to all the people that appear in my life. You all make my life more colourful and wonderful!

As a student, I would also have to say thank you to all the teachers I have met, everyone has been really lovely and kind to me. I would have to say that I am greatful for this!

May all the love and success in our lives. I wish everyone has a nice weekend   

今天安妮看見了許多人在facebook上更新的近況" 黑色星期五" 是過完感恩節的那個週五. 不過英國好像沒有在特別紀念這個節日的. 因為大部分更新這個近況的朋友們, 都是在美國的朋友們, 所以安妮就上網谷歌了一下, 發現原來這個節日是在1941年美國創立的, 原意就是為了感恩上天賦于的好收成. 感恩節是在11月的第四周的星期四, 而且有兩天的國定假期. 加拿大開始盛行慶祝這個節日是在1978年, 他們選定的日子是在10月的第二個週一.(美國的哥倫布日)

通常在"黑色星期五" 是很多美國的店家打折打到骨折的日子, 如果是在美國的朋友們, 你們肯定也發現了吧? (安妮已經看見朋友分享了在各店內瘋狂血拼的照片了)

為了配合感恩節的氣氛, 安妮決定來好好感恩大家的愛戴及支持着安妮的粉絲頁( ) 也感恩在我生命中出現的每一個人. 你們讓我的生命更加精彩和有趣.

身為一個學生, 也感謝着每一位在安妮學業上支持著我的老師, 每一個老師都對我十分的慷慨和友善. 我真的萬分感謝. 期許愛及成功在我們的生命中源源不斷. 祝大家有個美好的週末    


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