on boat  

在上一篇有提及民宿主人有船這件事情吧? 民宿主人說他的船是可以出租的, 於是我們就跟他租了1個小時.

On the last article I have mentioned about our host has a boat right? The host told us his boat is for rent out, therefore we rent it for an hour.  

他還我們說: 你們確定一個小時夠嗎? 我怕你們開不回來.. 哈哈

He said to us: Are you sure an hour is enough for you? I'm afraid you can't get yourself back here.. ha ha 

on boat

我們踏上自己開船的旅程了! 既害怕又興奮, 因為大家體重不一樣的關係, 隨便一個人一動深怕會掉到水裡頭!

We started the journey of driving a boat! Excited but nervous because of the different weights of people, I am afraid that a little movement from a single person may let someone fall into the water!  

聽了民宿主人說, 水裡頭有水蛭!! 更加恐懼了... 

Plus the host said to me, there are leech inside the water!!  That freaks me out totally... 

on boat 

那一天天氣很晴朗, 湖水上也倒映著藍天, 猶如一幅油畫一般... 讓人好清爽放鬆呀 

It was a sunny day when we drove the boat, water reflected the blue sky. Beautiful as an oil-painting.. made us feel very comfortable and relaxing

on boat 

在國外小鎮的好處就是真的可以眼睛近距離看見許多平時在大都市裡頭看不見的, 也不是沒有看過牛...

The best thing of country-sides is that you can see lots of things closely that you would probably never seen in cities, I have seen cows before, but not this one!

但是這一頭牛非常的有趣... 太可惜我沒有綠影, 不然的話一定跟大家分享. 以下就聽我娓娓道來一下這個好笑的故事吧 :)

Here is an interesting story to tell, due to no video.. I will tell you slowly about this funny story :)

我們準備要從小鎮內最大湖, 也就是終點的地方. 開回我們的民宿, 回去走了另一條路線. 我們一群人看到牛在吃草也不覺得怎麼樣...

We were on our way back from the big lake of the village, which is the end of the boat trip. We took the other route back to our B&B, at first, we didn't think much about those cows which were enjoying grass in peace...

就在下一秒, 那隻牛猶如受到驚嚇一般, 突然後腳往下一噸, 跌下去... 然後就跑走了! 怎麼這麼傻呢? 

The next second, one of the cow seemed to get scared by something, back legs trip over itself... and ran away! How silly is that? 

大家都傻眼三秒, 開始大笑.... 覺得這頭牛怎麼如此無俚頭, 太可愛了... 

We all went into silence for about 3 seconds, started laughing out loud... We wondered how silly this cow was, but cute... 

on boat 

一開始上船時還蠻緊張的, 很怕同船的哪一位亂動一下我們就會不穩翻船... 後來我看到我們終於開回民宿主人家時, 內心鬆下了一大口氣呢~~

As I said before I was very nervous about we will fall into the water because of someone's movement... Finally when I saw the B&B we stayed in I feel super relief~

但是可以自己開船還不用執照在小鎮體驗挺好玩的呢~ 只是跟人家會船時要注意就是了! 不然一不小心就會跟人家有擦撞或是自己的船撞到旁邊...

This experience is very interesting because you can just enjoy yourself in the village without worrying about lots of things~ Only need to be very careful when there is another boat coming in your way, don'y bump each other's boat or the side... 



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