冬天造訪了台東, 今天要來介紹一個讓我一到就好愛的民宿--椰子海岸.

During winter holiday I visited Taitung, today I am going to introduce the B&B I love very much--Coconut Beach



果真名不虛傳, 真的是一排椰子樹從二樓的房間看出去!!

I guess that is probably why they call it Coconut Beach, as the view from our room at the second floor we can see those coconut trees!!


這次我是住在2樓, 沒有參觀到家庭房有點可惜... 不過這代表著我還有機會去那裡享受呢!!

I stayed on the 2nd floor, it's a pity that didn't have the chance to visit the family suit... However, that means I still have another opportunity to visit there and enjoy myself!! 


浴室裡全部都是木頭傢俱裝飾的, 洗手台整塊是原木的. 地板則是使用檜木唷! 是不是連洗手間都很有質感~ 

Bathroom is filled with wooden furniture, sink is made by log. The floor uses timber!! Doesn't that make the bathroom has the sense of reality~




房間室內的擺設, 整棟建築物都是木頭製成的, 有一種瞬間來到東南亞度假村小屋的感覺呢!!

The image of the room, the whole building is made by wood, a feeling of came to south-east Asia holiday village!!


一樓有擺設著天文望遠鏡呢, 民宿的管家跟我說要是天氣好可以晚上用那個看星星! 真的是好吸引人~ 好可惜我住的晚上天氣雲多無法看到星星!! 有機會我夏天還要再去拜訪一次 :D 

On the 1st floor, there is a astronomic telescope. The host of the B&B told me if the weather is good at night time, we can use that to see beautiful stars!! How attractive is that~ Sadly the night I stayed it was too cloudy to get it out for watching stars!! I would love to visit it again in the summer :D 



民宿介紹完畢囉~ 希望大家喜歡 :) 

The introduction of the B&B has ended~ I hope you all enjoy reading it and would love to visit there :) 


民宿網址 B&B Website:






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