Today Annie went to Plymouth visited her friend, also is a little treat for Annie :)

今天安妮去了普利茅斯造訪朋友, 也是一個小小的獎勵給安妮 :)

Plymouth is a city, at this time close to Christmas, you can see all the Christmas decorations have been put on. Continue the last topic as I mentioned, the 'Black Friday'

普利茅斯是一個城市, 在靠近聖誕節的時間, 你可以看見所有的聖誕節裝飾都會被展示出來. 接續上一篇文章我所提及的'黑色星期五'

which has some influence to the UK as well. However, Annie personally think it is just kind of a promotion for selling more products to the consumers, but you might find some treasures and get some bargain :p Let us begin~

好像對於英國也有一點影響. 不過, 安妮個人的想法是不過是一種商業頭腦把產品銷出去給顧客, 但是你也有可能在這個時候發現一些寶藏獲市值回票價的東西 :p 讓我們開始吧~ 


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