考完模考了, 當然是要離開平時學習的環境好好放鬆啦... 所以安妮和朋友就計劃要去牛津逛街玩耍!

After assessment week, is time to have some fun in another place which is not Torquay... so we decided to go to Oxford and shopping! 

因為最近英國西南部不斷經歷風暴, 淹水淹的太嚴重了, 把托基到艾克賽特的鐵路底下的地基給沖毀了.... 所以有一段路程都是要改為巴士代替, 增加了我們的時間啊 :(

Because of the storms we have experienced in the UK caused terrible floods. It has damaged the railway in Dawlish which is between Torquay and Exeter... We need to take the coach instead this increased the time taken for our journey :( 


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